Personal Service

What makes Macron Store Connecticut very special is that our projects are all carried out “in house”. Not only do we offer Macron’s extensive clothing line to the general public, but we also specialize in customization, screen-printing, and embroidery.

We provide a full range of team-wear products to compliment our customers’ needs. We also specialize in direct team wear (football, rugby, volleyball, handball, basketball, and baseball) and accessories.

We offer a one-stop shop for organizations as well as the general public to purchase any of their desired items right here on our website. We prioritize in our customers in which it is vital for our store to provide a first class “personal service” regardless of the size of contract.

About The Store

This particular Macron Store is not just your average retail store. This store has a very unique niche in which it could cater to the entire United States upon any of the customers’ demands.

Our team was very fortunate to open the first ever Macron Store in the U.S. This establishment was recognized on November 21st 2015 in which it is located in a prime location in Stratford, CT. With its spacious feel and 18’ ceilings, it is the one place where we encourage customers to be experimental with new and unique sportswear styles.

About Macron

Macron, Italian Company based in Crespellano (BO) is a European leader in the production of active sportswear.

Macron operates in three main business areas: teamwear-apparel and accessories for professional and amateur teams (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, handball, five a side football, running); merchandising-official kits, free time apparel and accessories for the supporters of Macron’s Sponsored Clubs; leisurewear-sports inspired apparel for those who want to wear Macron off the field. Macron owes its success to the quality of the products, to the high standard of service and to the ability of best interpreting the athletes’ needs.